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ANKOS : A New Kind of Social

A social media app focused on privacy and safety.

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Protecting Your Privacy

Say goodbye to apps that track your every move online.


At ANKOS, your privacy is paramount to us, it is not just an afterthought.


ANKOS is designed from the start to safeguard your privacy every step of the way.


  • We do not collect your personal data for ads
  • In-app messaging is secured with end-to-end encryption


  • No bots and fake accounts
  • Express yourself in any way you like: words, pictures, video or audio

Meaningful Engagement with Real People

Return to meaningful engagement with other people, rather than being defined by the number of likes and followers.

In ANKOS, the number of views, likes and follower counts will not be visible to the public.

  • Transfer your photos etc. from your existing social media accounts to ANKOS easily
  • Be part of social groups and communities that share your interests

Fostering a Safe Online Space

Our mantra is behave online as you would in the real world.

We aim to moderate harmful content in compliance with local laws,


  • ANKOS adopts best practices in dealing with harmful content
  • ANKOS proactively engages content moderators to identify and flag harmful content


No more multiple accounts

Sometimes you want to keep your social and professional lives separate.


With ANKOS, you can choose up to 3 avatars - for each of your different social circles.


Simply toggle between different avatars within the same app instead of having multiple different social media accounts.

No more distractions

Feel free to express yourself in words, photos or videos without being distracted by how many 'likes' each posts gets.